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Tshambi Hall is the CEO and Founder of Mending Our Hearts and Tears, LLC. She provides coaching techniques that transform the lives of trauma victims through unique forms of transformational life coaching. She holds a BA degree in Psychology. Tshambi has been a certified Life Coach since 2009 and a Master Life Coach and NPL Certified in 2017. She has utilized her skills to help women and men rebuild their lives from past traumatic experiences. Tshambi has always had a desire and passion for assisting women in living without being controlled by the trauma(s) experienced. She has a strong desire to help women who served in the military (as she is one herself) and women who have lost a child or children by diverting that pain into something that will empower them to live as honorary mentors to others who have experienced a similar traumatic occurrence. Tshambi volunteers with organizations that empower and inspire the women in her community and surrounding communities to achieve a better livelihood.

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